cLocketDisplay images of your loved one(s) in a beautiful golden heart-shaped frame. Upload up to six pictures of your partner, kids and pets!

You can specify how often the images change, ranging from seconds to hours.

The time is normally indicated by hour and minute markers that move around the edge of the frame.

There are two infomation areas below the frame. Touching an area cycles it between time, date, calories, steps, distance, active minutes and heart rate. The activity gauges fill up with gold as you approach your goal — then fill up with silver when you go beyond. The heart gauge fills up with gold in the fat-burn zone, then with silver in the cardio zone.

Touching the top of the screen causes the gauge statistics to show your achievement as a percentage of your goal or maximum heart rate.

If you prefer an uncluttered look, you can hide the gauges.

On Versa 2/3/Sense, cLocket has an 'Always-On Display' mode.

cLocket costs $1 USD + tax.

Get cLocket

How to Use cLocket

  1. Install cLocket from the Fitbit Gallery.
  2. Purchase cLocket by following the instructions on your watch's display.
  3. Make sure cLocket is running on your watch. It should say 'Use cLocket's Settings in the Fitbit app to add pics'.
  4. Open cLocket's Settings, which you can find in the Fitbit app on your phone (look in Account, Versa (type), Clock Faces, cLocket, Settings).
  5. Touch one of the six Image labels (eg, 'Image 1').
  6. If asked, choose an app that will let you select an image.
  7. Find the image that you want to send to the watch, and select it.
  8. The image should now be displayed in square box. Drag and zoom the image using your fingers until you've got it positioned how you want it. (This can be tricky because cLocket's frame is heart-shaped; if you don't get it right first time, you can repeat this step.)
  9. Touch 'Done' (near the top of the screen).
  10. Wait until the image is transferred from the phone to the watch. This could take up to 30 seconds.
  11. After it has received the image, cLocket should display it in a simple white heart-shaped frame on your watch. This is just a 'Preview'; the image won't change and other information isn't displayed. This is so you can see if you're happy with the positioning of the image within the frame on your watch. If you're not happy with it, touch 'Pick a new image' on your phone and repeat from step 6.
  12. When you're happy with this image on your watch, touch the watch screen so the preview goes away. cLocket will now revert to its normal display, so you can see the time, stats, etc.
  13. On your phone, touch the left arrow near the top of the 'Image Picker' screen to return to cLocket's Settings.
  14. You can repeat the process from Step 5 to select additional images, or to change previous images.
  15. To adjust the time when images change, use the two settings under 'TIME BETWEEN IMAGE CHANGES' on the Settings screen on your phone.