Depth.pngDepth has a 3D effect that moves with your wrist. You can position the hands, tick marks, numbers and face at different ‘depths’ below the screen. As you rotate your watch, you’ll see the different layers move around and cast shadows as though your watch were hollow!

Select between seven colourful tone textures. You can even put one of your photos on the face!

Depth displays an activity measure or heart rate, which you can cycle by holding a finger on the screen. You can set this to display the % of your daily goal (or maximum heart rate).

If the watch’s hands are blocking your view of the date or activity measure, you can temporarily bring the numbers in front by touching the screen.

The watch doesn't really know the position of the light or your eye, so the movement is a simulation. You can tweak it using settings.

On Versa 2, Depth has an always-on display mode.

Cost: $1 USD + tax.

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