IndustrialDisplay your favourite images in a rugged angular frame. Upload up to six pictures of your partner, kids, pets, toys, whatever!

You can specify how often the images change, ranging from seconds to hours.

The time is normally indicated by hour and minute markers that move around the edge of the frame.

There are two infomation areas around the frame. Touching them cycles between time, date, calories, steps, distance, active minutes and heart rate. The activity gauges fill up with bronze as you approach your goal — then fill up with silver when you go beyond. The heart gauge fills up with bronze in the fat-burn zone, then with silver in the cardio zone.

Touching the screen near neither info area causes the gauge statistics to show your achievement as a percentage of your goal or maximum heart rate.

If you prefer an uncluttered look, you can hide the gauges.

On compatible watches, Industrial has an 'Always-On Display' mode.

Industrial costs $1 USD + tax.

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Dog: wikipedia.

Car: pxfuel.

Girl: pixabay.