MetronomeMetronome helps you learn to play music by indicating tempo (speed) and time signature (rhythm). Unlike traditional metronomes, this app is silent so it doesn’t interfere with your music. Instead, it indicates beats by vibrating and/or flashing the watch screen.

Metronome comes in two versions:

  • Clockface (Versa 3, Sense, Versa 4, Sense 2)
  • App (Versa 2, Versa 3, Sense)

Using Metronome’s Settings on your phone, you can define three rhythm presets (label, tempo and time signature). You can also select a custom tempo and time signature directly on the watch.

Tempo and time signature are simplified from standard music theory. Tempo is flashes/vibrations per minute; time signature indicates how many  minor flashes/vibrations occur between major flashes/vibrations.

Metronome also has a timer that can display duration of your practice session. If you're using the clockface version of Metronome, double-tap the screen to display the timer. Double-tap the timer to start or pause your practice session. The timer will remain visible if you use Always-On Display mode.

Note that changing settings won’t affect a currently-running session. To see changes, wait a few seconds and then restart the session.

Prolonged use of vibration will drain your watch battery quicker. Only use the metronome when necessary.

If the vibrations are difficult to feel, ensure that vibrations are set to 'strong' in the Settings app on your watch. Even so, they can be subtle. Metronome uses the most powerful vibration pattern of which the watch is capable.

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Change Log


Initial release.


Lightened metronome selection screen text in Always-On Display mode.

Corrected link to help page in Settings.


Versa 3 and Sense (1) app version.


Shadow text is based on fitbit-3D-text by BarbWire.

Advice on vibration patterns was provided by Guy and BarbWire.

Guy's SimpleVibrate app was used to test vibration patterns.

The metronome icon is based on Metronome icons created by surang - Flaticon.