Pies and Bars

Pies and BarsIn addition to time and date, this clockface provides gauges for current heart rate and daily energy, distance and active [zone] minute totals. If current values are below maximum heart rate or exercise targets, the gauges are pie charts; beyond 100%, they switch to bar charts showing target vs. actual.

Touching the gauges cycles between showing absolute units (eg, calories), percentage of maximum or target, and (except for heart rate) percentage compared to what should have been achieved by the current time of day. The last-mentioned style is distinguished by ‘track’ lines (think ‘on track’).

Each gauge is colour-coded to indicate the current level of achievement, and the heart rate gauge has indicators between each zone (fat burn, cardio and peak).

The mobile app allows some settings to be changed. Most important are the times of day between which distance and active minutes are expected to accrue, which are used to determine the ‘on track’ measures.

On Versa 2/3/4 and Sense 1/2, Pies and Bars has an 'Always-On Display' mode.

Best of all, it's free!

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