Slideshow Upgrade

Slideshow Pro and Slideshow Clock are being superseded by Slideshow Plus and Slideshow Plus (clockface). The new products offer the following advantages:

  • ability to make changes to slides without having to delete them and start again
  • superior ability to recover from file transfer problems
  • reduced memory size (which will allow new features to be added in future).

Unfortunately, the changed data storage arrangement used in Slideshow Plus is very different to that used in the earlier products. As a result, it was not possible to release the new products as simple upgrades to the existing products. To do so would have resulted in data loss, which was considered unacceptable.

If you have purchased Slideshow Pro or Slideshow Clock, you are entitled to get Slideshow Plus (app or clockface) for free. To get your discount code, simply request it using the contact form. You will need to indicate which email address was used to purchase Slideshow Pro or Clock, which you can do in either the 'email address' or 'message' boxes.

Whether you take up this offer or not, Slideshow Pro and Slideshow Clock will continue to work on your watch. However, those products will probably be removed from the Fitbit Gallery at some stage, which may make it more difficult to reinstall them.