Fitbit SDK FAQ

4. Publishing

What should I do before submitting my clockface/app for Fitbit review?

Resolve all TODO items relevant to this release.

Ensure required permissions are listed in package.json.

Test on all targetted physical devices, using fresh installs of your clockface/app (to avoid residual effects from saved settings or files).

Remove or comment out all debug output; eg, console.log().

Remove unnecessary files (including images and other resources). This may not be necessary due to minification, etc; however, it cleans up your source tree.

Set new version in package.json.

If using K-pay:

  • Set K-pay test mode to false.
  • Create 100% discount codes for Fitbit reviewers.

Complete Gallery App Manager requirements. Mention reated keywords. If your product is not free, say so.

If using K-pay, when submitting for review, include K-pay discount codes in submission notes for reviewers.

How can I get paid?

You can use K-pay to restrict the usage of your products to those who have paid for them.

You can seek donations (eg, via your web site).

Fitbit imposes some conditions on non-free clockfaces/apps.