CountdownWhy should time be measured from the past? Stop looking back! Countdown displays the time until tomorrow.

In the same spirit, the date counts down from 31 Dec.

Countdown also displays an activity measure, which counts down from your daily goal (ie, it shows how much more you have to do to reach your goal). When heart rate is displayed, the amount by which you’re below your cardio threshold is shown. Touching the bottom of the screen changes the activity measure.

When you have to co-ordinate with the backward-looking people around you, touch the top of the screen to show the time, etc, normally.

Many settings can be changed via the Fitbit app on your phone/tablet. Instead of having the hands move anticlockwise, you can arrange the numbers anticlockwise. You can also change the time and date formats, colour, energy units (cal or kJ), and more.

On compatible watches, Countdown has an 'Always-On Display' mode.

Confuse your friends, and show your boss how forward-thinking you are!

Countdown costs $1 USD + tax.

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