Eat Me

Eat Me

Eat Me progressively reveals images of food items that contain as many calories as you've burnt so far today. Exercise more to see the best foods!

If you touch the top right corner of the screen, the current activity measure will cycle between energy, steps, distance, active minutes and heart rate.

If you touch elsewhere, the images will briefly change to correspond with the amount of energy you SHOULD HAVE burnt by now, so you know whether you're on schedule or not. The activity measure will also change to show percent above/below the expected value.

Eat Me is highly customisable. You can upload up to five of your own images so you can see your personal favourite foods revealed as you burn calories. In addition, you can show or hide seconds, change the date format, vary the number of tiles, show or hide the tile grid, and even display energy in kJ.

On Versa 2 with FitbitOS 4.1+, Eat Me has an 'Always-On Display' mode.

Of course, you shouldn't always eat what you see! A healthy diet is preferable to a pizza every day.

East Me costs $1 plus tax.

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Salad image by Michael Moriarty from Pixabay.

Burger and chips image by DonMarciano from Pixabay.

Pizza image by skeeze from Pixabay.

Strawberry image by ghostwor1d from

Burger image by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels.

Cake image by Leon van Niekerk from Pixabay.