SpacetimeSpacetime is a futuristic clockface. Pick between images of the Moon, Earth and Saturn; and choose from three colourful starry backgrounds.

Occasionally you will get a ‘visitor’: an asteroid, comet, spaceship or alien will transit the screen. There are eight different visitors — but to see them all you’ll have to exceed your daily activity goal!

Spacetime uses big bold fonts, making it easy to read the time at a glance.

An activity measure (calories, steps, distance, AZM or heart rate) is displayed, as well as its percentage of the corresponding goal. Touch the screen to change measures.

Spacetime allows you to display energy in kilojoules (kJ) instead of calories, and supports a range of different date formats.

On compatible watches, Spacetime has an Always On Display (AOD) mode.

Cost: $1 USD + tax.

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You may see a 'visitor' (asteroid, spaceship, alien, etc) when the watch display comes on.

You can influence the likelihood that a visitor will appear using the 'visitor frequency' setting. The positions are as follows:

  • never
  • 10% probability
  • 25% probability
  • 50% probability
  • always

Which visitor you see is selected randomly. The more activity you've done, the more different types of visitors may appear. This table shows what percentage of your goal you need to achieve for each visitor:

Spacetime 0 v1_3.png 0%+
Spacetime 1 v7.png 15%+
Spacetime 2 v6.png 30%+
Spacetime 3 v0.png 45%+
Spacetime 4 v4_0.png 60%+
Spacetime 5 v5.png 75%+
Spacetime 6 v3_3.png 90%+
Spacetime 7 v2-0.png


For example, if you've done 40% of your daily goal for the currently-displayed activity type, you may see any of the first three visitors shown above.