decimal.pngSee the time in units of 10 and 100, not 12/24 and 60!

There are 10 decimal hours in a day, 100 decimal minutes in a decimal hour, and 100 decimal seconds in a decimal minute. A decimal minute is a bit longer than a normal minute, and a decimal second is a bit shorter than a normal second.

Decimal time was the official way to express time in France for a few years around the time of the French Revolution. You can read about the history of decimal time here.

Decimal calendars have never been standard. This clockface uses 10 days in a decimal week, and 10 decimal weeks in a term. Term 3 is incomplete. This makes it easy to calculate the period between dates.

An activity level is also displayed. In the spirit of decimalisation, the value is a percentage of your daily goal (or, for heart rate, of your cardio threshold).

Touch the upper 2/3 of the screen to swap to normal time, date and activity units.

Touch the lower 1/3 of the screen to change the currently-displayed activity measure.

By default, the clockface uses styles that were commonly used for decimal time in France; ie, h m s labels rather than colons, zero for the first hour of the day, and the first hour at the bottom of the dial. You can change those settings, and several others (including colour theme), in the Fitbit app on your watch/tablet/computer.

On Versa 2 with FitbitOS 4.1+, Decimal has an 'Always-On Display' mode.

Impress your friends and confuse your enemies! Or start a new revolution: decimal time’s time has come!

Decimal costs $1 USD plus tax.

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Where can I find more info about payment for this app?

Payment is handled by K-pay. They have a FAQ here.